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Exponential Impact, Collaboratively

Starting in 2019, Musau Evaluation Consulting began releasing its Social Impact Report on a quarterly basis. The report celebrates the community engagement and strides being made through our MEC ZINE project. Collaboratively as an MEC ZINE Fam, Artists, Volunteers, and Nonprofit Partners, we are contributing to the advancement of social impact in our communities, through the power of collective storytelling.

QUARTER 1 2019 

Impact Measurement & Reporting Approach

We understand that to accurately report on our social impact, we must focus our attention on outcomes. Our first couple of reports are going to feature mostly summary metrics. In the next year, as we continue to grow we hope to also expand our outcome tracking. Specifically we hope to have more metrics tied to zine distribution, community engagement in terms of workshop attendance, survey feedback, partnerships etc. Though our Q1 2019 Report does not feature many outcomes, it does highlight outputs related to volunteer & artist engagement, in addition to an overview of our Zine Fam demographics.

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