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Solutions To Empower Your Nonprofit

Evaluation is the tool that enables nonprofit organizations to define success and measure results, in order to better understand the work they are doing, and inform strategic adjustments to programming--creating lasting change.

Evaluation Capacity is the extent to which an organization has the culture, expertise, and resources to continually engage in evaluation (i.e., evaluation as a continuous lifecycle of assessment, learning, and improve

Our services focus not only on the end goal of obtaining a new evaluation framework or data management system, we also focus on process streamlining and sustainable capacity building-- emphasizing its importance in the overall success of a project's implementation.

Program Evaluation Services


Musau Evaluation provides an array of services to help grow your capacity to evaluate your programs--increasing impact and mission fulfillment. We support nonprofits in implementing or streamlining data tracking systems and processes, data analysis, reporting, and more! Allowing nonprofits to make data-informed decisions; clearly communicate impact with funders; and effectively forecast for the future. 

Program evaluation consulting & training — including process mapping, systems transition support, and evaluation capacity building,.
Evaluation Workshops & Consulting
Evaluation Workshops & Consulting

Custom CRM Design, Development, & Implementation

Database Administration

Backup & Recovery Support 

Performance Monitoring & Enhancement

Monthly Outputs & Outcomes Report

And More!

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Database Implementation & Management
Database Implementation & Management

Process Evaluation

Determine if specific program strategies were implemented as planned

Outcome Evaluation

Assess shifts in participant comprehension, attitudes, behaviors, and practices that result from program activities.


Impact Evaluation

Understand the long term sustained changes as a result of the program activities.



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Our Digital Marketing Services are offered in partnership with Pulse Perfect Consulting, a one-stop shop for all your digital marketing needs. Pulse Perfect Consulting's (PPC), training, and implementation are grounded in data and best practices, and helps nonprofits read the “pulse” of their target audiences and choose the right strategies to connect with them. PPC’s success with — and passion for — helping nonprofits increase revenue and visibility has allowed them to grow rapidly since their inception thanks to word of mouth and client referrals. Clients include Denver Public Schools, Rocky Mountain Public Media, and Mi Casa Resource Center.

Digital marketing consulting & training — including social media, email, website and branding.

Business Meeting
Consulting & Training
Consulting & Training

Build Follower Numbers

Reach Target Audience 

Receive Monthly Analytics Report

And More!

Zooming on Tablet
Social Media Management
Social Media Management

Website Design

Email Marketing

Graphic Design

Content Creation

Group Discussion
Other Digital MarkeTing Services
Other Services

“Just a few weeks leading into our largest fundraiser event of the year we knew we were in need of fresh, innovative ideas. Thanks to Pulse Perfect Consulting, we more than doubled our ticket sales and our social media reach exploded across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.Pulse Perfect Consulting provided much needed energy and high-level implementation as well as a robust and effective strategy. We look forward to riding the wave of increased visibility that Pulse Perfect Consulting created for us!” 

— Tina Cartagena, Chief of Radio Operations | Rocky Mountain Public Media

Digital Marketing Services
Grant Writing Services

in partnership with

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Our Grant Writing Services are offered in partnership with Walton Grant Writing. As your partner in the grant process, Walton Grant Writing will seek out available funding sources, select appropriate grants to which your organization should apply, write high-quality and effective applications, and increase your organization’s grant writing volume. By letting Walton Grant Writing handle your grant writing, you free up valuable staff resources for other projects and save on costly overhead that comes with hiring additional in-house employees.   

Discuss your organizational goals, programs and funding needs to determine appropriateness for grant funding.

Bullet Journal
Grant PLANning
Grant Planning

Conduct research about your organization and extensively review critical organizational documents to gain a complete understanding of your mission, vision and goals; organizational structure; priorities; and desired outcomes--to create an effective grant writing plan.

Legal Research and Writing

Track your organization’s yearly grant submissions, noting applications accepted, denied, or pending, whether or not follow-up reports are required and have been submitted, and when re-application is permitted.

Market Analysis
Grant tRACKing
Grant Tracking

“At Walton Grant Writing, we appreciate and enjoy the process of getting to know the incredible work in which our client organizations are engaged and helping them achieve their visions through grant funding.”


Ali Walton, Owner, Walton Grant Writing

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