one community

countless stories 

As members of marginalized communities, our experiences are complex and diverse. MEC ZINE is a space where these stories come together to be told and shared, heard and honored. It is a collection of thoughts and feelings, a tapestry of individual threads of art that come together to tell a collective community story.



our Roots

Musau Evaluation Consulting

Agnès Kabambi, CEO of Musau Evaluation Consulting had a vision to create a community platform where voices could come together to collaboratively explore various social issues. Sitting in her college dorm room with Carla, now Manager of Content and Design, Agnès drafted the first ever MEC ZINE. Since then, MEC ZINE publicly launched in 2019, evolving from a few ideas jotted down on a piece of paper—to this amazing platform which masterfully brings together folks from various communities to help honor our core values of Sustainability, Afrocentric Innovation, and Collaboration.


MEC ZINE Core Values.png

our team

Masters of Unapologetic Stirring

& Creative Director
Content & Design Manager
Manager of Communications
Social Media Coordinator
Evaluation Coordinator
Grants Coordinator