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one community

countless stories 

As members of marginalized communities, our experiences are complex and diverse. MEC ZINE is a space where these stories come together to be told, shared, heard, and honored. It is a collection of thoughts and feelings, a tapestry of individual threads of art that tell a collective community story.


Our Roots

our Roots

Musau Evaluation Consulting

Agnès Kabambi, CEO of Musau Evaluation Consulting had the vision to create a community platform where voices could come together to collaboratively explore various social issues. Sitting in her college dorm room with Carla, now Manager of Content and Design, Agnès drafted the first-ever MEC ZINE. Since then, MEC ZINE publicly launched in 2019—evolving from a few ideas jotted down on a piece of paper to this amazing platform that masterfully brings together folks from various communities to help honor our core values of Sustainability, Afrocentric Innovation, and Collaboration.


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Our Team

our team

Masters of Unapologetic Stirring

& Creative Director

I am because you are


My family and I immigrated to the United States from the Democratic Republic of Congo when I was six years old. My lived experience as an immigrant woman of color, in this country, has borne in me a passion to explore various social issues through the multifaceted lense of power, privilege, and oppression. I joined MEC ZINE to continue exploring and learning--as a part of a community.

Content & Design Manager

Storytelling is key to finding a shared humanity


I am a queer, Latinx, cis woman. I am a daughter of  Mexican and Puerto Rican immigrants. I have always been the person to speak her mind and stand up toward inequities and this trait has only grown stronger.  MEC ZINE gave me an opportunity to connect with others and uplift their stories

Manager of Communications

Listen & Learn


I grew up in small-town Montana, which ignited in me a deep curiosity and desire to learn about the world outside of what I know. I hold a lot of unearned privilege and am dedicated to educating myself about, and working to address, social issues and inequities. I joined MEC ZINE to continue collaborating with, listening to, and learning from others.

Social Media Coordinator

Stay hungry, stay humble, stay happy

I was born to a staunch activist, in a house full of women. My mother marched with my sisters and I while we were in strollers, taught us about injustice, and made sure we were aware of and used our privilege to lift the voices of the marginalized. That fire has never died in me, and I will continue to learn, grow, and speak out against injustice and inequality. I joined MEC ZINE to collaborate, uplift, and listen to the intelligent and creative voices that need to be heard.

Evaluation Coordinator

Life goes on

My family and I  immigrated to the United States when I was four years old. Growing up as an immigrant woman of color in predominantly white communities, issues of race and inequality were an ever-present aspect of my life. As such, I have always strived to educate myself on the many social inequities present in our country, with a particular focus on educational inequities. I joined MEC Zine to continue this education with the help of a diverse gathering of different voices and opinions.

Grants Coordinator

We're looking for a grants coordinator

Love to write? Detail-oriented and addicted to adrenaline rushes that come from meeting deadlines on time? Interested in helping the zine finance community storytelling projects?

  Apply for our Grants Coordinator position and join the MUS team! 

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