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Get Involved

tell stories 

Want to get involved in the work that we do? We're always on the hunt for artists to contribute to the zine, volunteers to keep our machine ticking, and nonprofits to partner with. Keep reading to find out how you can get involved!

Contribute Art

share your story

Are you a writer, painter, photographer, knitter, crocheter, papier-mâchér, anything-in-betweener, or all of the above? Join MEC ZINE as an Artistic Contributor! 


To become an Artistic Contributor for MEC ZINE, you must register with us to receive special updates related to the zine and its themes. MEC ZINE’s themes are inspired by current events and personal experiences, and range from broad to specific, allowing you—as a registered artistic contributor—to decide which themes you want to submit work for. If chosen, your work will be published in MEC ZINE's online publication.



Interested? Click below to register and learn more! 

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Give Time

volunteer to stir things up

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MUs Team Positions

At MEC ZINE, we believe in the power of genuine human connection, and as a project run on an entirely volunteer basis, we are always looking for extra helpers! 


As a volunteer for MEC ZINE, you'll become part of the MUS (moose) Team. The meaning: Masters of Unapologetic Stirring. As a MUS team member, your main job is to ”stir up” the community around youcausing people to feel strong emotion and a desire to do something.


Sound like your cup of tea? Join the MUS Team today by clicking the button below! 


Distribute the zine to community centers, non-profit organizations, libraries, recreation centers, coffee shops, etc.


Work with the MEC ZINE team to edit and construct the zine, organize community workshops, and act as a general liaison between MEC ZINE and our community partners


Tell Your Community

become a nonprofit partner

Do you know tons of talented individuals in the communities you work with? Become a nonprofit partner and act as a liaison between them and the zine. MEC ZINE is always looking for new artistic contributors, and we'd love for your participants to get involved! 


As a MEC ZINE Nonprofit Partner, your nonprofit will be eligible for a discount on Musau Evaluation Consulting services for each registered artistic contributor you are able to recruithelping you improve your programs to serve your participants more effectively!

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