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Resources to Support Your Nonprofit

Looking for simple, free solutions to support the work that you do? We have compiled a list of resources just for you! Need a access to resource we don't have listed? Submit a request for a resource below, we are constantly working on growing our resource list!

 FPL Income Level Calculator  | HUD Income Level Calculator | HUD Income Tables  |  Evaluation Help Desk | External Resources

Our Income Level Calculators

Need a quick way to calculate client HUD and FPL income levels? Use our Income Level Calculator apps!

Want to use these apps?


We have developed the HUD Income Level Calculator and FPL Income Level Calculator apps as quick reference for calculating client HUD and FPL income levels. Simply enter your state name, household size, and household income, and the calculator will do the work for you!

2019 FPL Income Level Calculator

2018 HUD Income Level Calculator

A note about 2019 Income Level Calculators


On an annual basis, the Federal Poverty Guidelines are published by the Federal Register, the daily journal of the United States Government, via a notice by the Health and Human Services Department. These guidelines are in effect upon their publication, typically by January. On an annual basis, the HUD Income Limit Guidelines are released by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. These guidelines are in effect upon their publication, typically by the beginning of April. 

Meaning, on an annual basis, we update the income level calculator apps to reflect the new fiscal year guidelines. We aim to update the calculator as soon as possible, but advise you to always check the year on the calculator title if you are unsure about whether the calculator has been updated or not. If you have downloaded the HUD Income calculator to your phone, note that once the calculator update for the new fiscal year is available, you will be sent a reminder to update the app.

Though Musau Evaluation Consulting takes the utmost care and attention to ensure that the income level calculator apps are up to date — it is not possible to guarantee that the calculator will function as intended indefinitely. Musau Evaluation Consulting cannot be held liable to clients or any third party for any damages, including lost profits or funding, lost data, or other incidental, consequential or special damages arising out of the operation of, or inability to operate the income level calculator apps.

HUD Income Calculator
FPL Income Calculator
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Our hud Income Limit Tables

New FY HUD income limit tables delivered to you immediately upon their release!

You know how HUD releases new income limits every year, forcing you to have to update all your print forms and digital forms annually? Worry no longer! Musau Evaluation Consulting will update this article with the new income limits on an annual basis, as soon as HUD releases them. The new income limits are typically released by the end of the first quarter of the year, although this has varied from year-to-year. Subscribe to this article by clicking the checkbox at the top of the page labeled follow this article, to receive notice of when the new fiscal year income table has been uploaded, from there, follow the simple instructions below to update your forms.

2018 HUD Income Limits.png

Right click on the image above to save the current annual income table to your desktop.

HUD Income Limits

Our List of External Resources 

Coming Soon!

Why recreate the wheel? We will use this area to provide you with external nonprofit resources. Feel free to share resources you come across with us, so other nonprofits can benifit from the tool/resource as well. Collaboration for the win!

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